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Need help to write your own vows? Let our expert Registrar design your personal ceremony.

  • How to have a Personal Unique Ceremony - WHERE EVER YOU WANT!

  • No more sitting on the phone during your lunch break,

  • What documents do you need? It's all on Bride Buddy to refer back to again and again

  • Can't remember what the Register Office told you on the phone? Refer back to Bride Buddy when ever you want.

  • Plus we can give you 'insider' info and advice to make sure you get the wedding you want, when you want it.

  • Everything, all in one place, to come back to again and again.

Wedding Ceremony on the Beach

Welcome to Bride-Buddy. What are we all about? How did this 'labour of love' come to be I hear you ask? Well, I have worked for Essex for 24 years in the Registration Service. Finally becoming Superintendent in charge of 3 offices and 20 staff. We were a real family - 20 women all working together and we got along brilliantly! Now, living a wonderful life in Greece and still performing weddings here, I also write personal wedding ceremonies tailor made for couples marrying in the UK and Worldwide. Bespoke, unique and fun with as much or as little traditional bits as you want, with lots of hints and tips for your friend or family member if they are going to be performing the ceremony. Of course, if you are coming to Greece to get married, I am available as your celebrant too.

At Bride Buddy we offer two things. Firstly we write bespoke ceremony scripts that are designed around you as a couple and are completely personal to you. If you are planning on getting the legal bits done at the Register Office then follow that with a celebration ceremony, your choices are endless. Unlike a civil ceremony - there are no rules, so your ceremony can be written however you like. You are not bound by what can and cannot be said during the ceremony, or the order of how it is presented. The other advantage of a unique ceremony is that you can hold your celebration anywhere. Again, you are not bound by the current UK laws which state that a civil ceremony can only be held in approved premises. If you are already legally married at the register office, your big celebration ceremony has no status in law, so as well as it being personal to you, the venue can be too. Now you can have your ceremony in the garden, on the beach, in a field, on a boat or where ever you want subject to permission of course. Equally, if you are planning on getting married abroad, you can have a personal ceremony written for your special day. Check out our Personal Ceremonies page to see how we can help write the wedding ceremony or renewal of vows that you want.

Secondly, if you are planning a civil ceremony, I know how difficult it can be sometimes to get the right information you need to get that wedding booked and on track. At work, I rarely sat in the 'Boss's Office' as I liked to sit with the staff in our Ceremony Coordination Room. A hive of activity, a very busy office, especially at lunch times when working brides would use their lunch hour to try and get through on the phone. We tried our best, but it was non stop and inevitably there would be customers who had real trouble getting through. Getting married is complicated, it's hard to take in all the information on the legal requirements on the phone and more often than not, customers would ring back days later because they couldn't remember something they had been told. There are so many wedding websites full of information on planning your big day but I noticed that information on the legalities was sparse, and quite often, the small amount of info they had was inaccurate.

When you are busy, and you have a wedding to plan you can browse these sites at your leisure for inspiration and ideas. That is not what Bride Buddy is for. Bride Buddy is here to arm you with the less exciting legal information that you need so your wedding can take place. We have a list of all the legal documentation you need to get married. You can refer back to this again and again or just download it. On the website you can find out how to book your venue to make sure you get the date and the place you want. There is loads more useful, accurate 'insider' tips and advice for giving notice of marriage, church weddings and how to get ready for a wedding abroad. I hope you find it useful, informative and time saving.

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