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Are you having a wedding celebration ceremony after the legal registration of your marriage? 


By this I mean, are you are getting married abroad and having the ‘official legalities’ done the day before at the local Town Hall, or perhaps you are having your official legal wedding at a Register Office in the UK and then having a ceremony abroad, or in your garden? Maybe you have asked a friend or family member to perform the ceremony for you?

If you would like my professional help putting together and writing a ceremony that is tailor made for you with advice and tips for the reader, I can offer this personal service for just 100 euros. We will work together to create the bespoke ceremony that you want.

As a couple you are unique, so why not your wedding ceremony? It should reflect and combine your personalities to create something special and memorable, not just for you, but for your guests too. I  build the ceremony from the information you give me, and work with you, taking the parts you know you would definitely like to include.  Then I will give  structure and flow to the ceremony. I have many different options for readings, vows, promises, in fact the whole script. It is your ceremony - there are no rules.  They are just ideas to inspire you, you can play around with them as much as you like. Once you have approved the draft, I will put all your idea's together in one bespoke script, along with a package that will include a commemorative certificate and matching booklet of the ceremony that can be used on the day.

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As Bride-Buddy’s top Buddy having 24 years experience as a Registrar, I have conducted many ceremonies. Even a few conventional legal marriages I have attended have included lots of different special requests. At one register office wedding I married an older couple dressed as an indian chief and his squaw.  They arrived on  horseback and we kept it all secret from the guests at the couple's request. Now semi-retired and living it up in Greece, I have worked with a wedding planner here and performed weddings on the beach, in an olive grove, and at country clubs. I write  personalised wedding ceremonies for your celebration.

Do you need help with scripts for same sex ceremonies and renewal of vows as well as 'bride & groom' wedding celebrations?  Have you been tasked with the job of doing the ceremony and you do not know where to start?

A beautiful beach? On top of a Mountain? In your Garden? Maybe a Barn? Your Allotment? A Trendy Yurt? At the Clubhouse? How about Handfasting?

This really came about as my 2 daughters group of friends started all getting married, many getting legally married at the local Register Office first and then having a wedding celebration abroad.  The friends who had been given the job of reading the ceremony on the day came to me for help. 

If you have been asked to perform the ceremony and need help, most often, you will provide me with some background information about the couple that you would like to be included in the ceremony. This may include how they met, or how you met them.  Maybe you have already part of a draft speech. We then need to find out what kind of ceremony our couple want. Do they want  to include traditional vows, (‘I do’ and ‘I will’) or are we going to write our own rules? Maybe the couple will provide you with parts they have written themselves. Do they want to exchange rings and ring words and do they want to write vows or promises of their own?  Would they like witnesses to sign a souvenir certificate? Will there be any readings? How do they want to be introduced once they are ‘married’?

 I am able to help with all these things and give you a ceremony ‘tailor made’ for your wedding. 

I can offer many different options for you to choose over various parts of the ceremony, and/or including your own.  Once we have established all the different parts to the ceremony, I can put it all together as a draft.  The most important thing is to make sure the ceremony ‘flows’ and has a proper structure as it is read, and that all the parts fit together well.

I can also advise the reader with many really useful tips to help them on the day. Like how not to lose your place while reading, how to engage the guests and keep the couples attention and much more. 

Do not underestimate how nerve wracking it will be to conduct a wedding ceremony for your best friend.  I can help with all these things and ultimately provide you with your ceremony all typed and ready to print.

Now, let’s establish something straight away……remember, ‘trust me – I’m a Registrar’  These ceremonies are purely celebratory and have no legal status.  Although I refer to using them at ‘your wedding’, this is not really your legal wedding, this is just a ceremony. 

  • By having a simple legal marriage at the Register Office first, maybe just you and two witnesses, there is nothing in law stopping you having a big celebratory wedding ceremony anywhere you want to or abroad.

  • This is a way that you can have a ceremony to enhance the occasion by giving you the opportunity to have a meaningful ceremony in a place that has special significance to you both. 

  • Perhaps you would like a celebration in your garden, on your allotment, in the woods, on the beach, abroad etc – where ever you want (subject to permission)

Get in touch now – but please……… not leave it until the last minute.  I like to try and have at least 6 weeks’ notice, so we can ‘to and fro’ with it until we have it right for you. If you can only give me 2 weeks notice, before the ceremony,  I would not consider it due to my commitments helping others with their ceremonies.

I am happy to provide a ceremony for you wherever you are in the World, but it would only be in the English language.


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