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About Me

Welcome to Bride-Buddy. Hi, my name is Cherry and I am a former Superintendent Registrar of Marriages. 

How did this 'labour of love' come about? I have worked for Essex for 24 years in the Registration Service. Finally becoming Superintendent in charge of 3 offices and 20 staff. We were a real family - 20 women all working together and getting on! I have to say it was the best job in the world, but recent cuts at all local authorities led to the opportunity of voluntary redundancy. My husband and I saw this as a chance to leave the rat race in Essex and start a new, quieter, more rural life in Greece.  


I have always enjoyed performing ceremonies, be it a wedding, renewal of vows or a baby naming and over the years and hundreds of ceremonies I have had the time of my life!  What a privilege to be able to be part of such a momentous day for couples and families! I have received many compliments and thank you's and been involved in training many others as well. I'd like to think I am able to bring a relaxed atmosphere with confidence and have a bit of fun on the way!

Now, Bride Buddy has grown into a worldwide service, offering bespoke ceremonies, celebrant services and help planning your arrangements.

As a couple you are unique, so why not your wedding ceremony? It should reflect and combine your personalities to create something special and memorable, not just for you, but for your guests too.


Kefalonia Celebrant & Personal Ceremonies Worldwide: I have conducted hundreds of wedding ceremonies, renewal of vows and even baby naming's.  More and more couples were coming to me and asking me to write whole complete personal ceremony for them. These were often couples who were opting for a simple register office marriage in the UK then following that with a super wedding celebration ceremony abroad or at a venue or place that holds special meaning to them both in the UK. Under current law, a marriage can only take place at a venue licenced for weddings, so this can be a way to have your celebration in your own garden, in the woods, at your club or anywhere you like (subject to permission) . It doesn't matter what you are looking for, perhaps you are a same sex couple, or you are looking to renew your wedding vows. I have helped couples with their own personal ceremony scripts for situations just like these. Writing unique tailor made ceremonies with lots of hints and tips for the person who will read the ceremony aloud. Check out my 'Thank you's' page and click the link for information on how to have the celebration you want - where you want it.

Here in Kefalonia, Bride Buddy has a Celebrant Service for your Wedding or 

Renewal of Vows here on the island. We also help couples with all their

wedding arrangements. It has been so much fun helping couples make their

dream wedding come true. Renewal of Vows are a joy to perform, and I

have met some wonderful people and families.

Bride Buddy's Mission: 'Trust Me!.......I'm a Registrar!'

Accurate Advice on the Legal Requirements:

If you are getting Married - you need to know this information.......

“Trust me – I’m a Registrar!” Having looked around the Internet I can see most of the other wedding planning information is giving you very little, or inaccurate information about the legalities for your wedding.

All the planning will be no use to you if you have set your heart on a date and venue, only to discover the Register Office is fully booked and there is no Registrar available on the day to come to your venue, or if you do not have the correct legally required documents to get your wedding booked! Getting married is complicated, it's hard to take in all the information on the legal requirements on the phone and more often than not, when I was at work, I noticed that customers would ring back a few days later because they couldn't remember something. I am going to be your new Best Buddy and tell you how to make sure you have the ceremony you want - when you want it. I know it's not that exciting, but let's get the legal parts right first, then you can have fun planning the rest.  Other sites seem to suggest making first contact with your Register Office 3 months before your wedding. Please do not ever leave it this late. Click 'Booking Venues'........and I'll tell you what you SHOULD do.......

Bride-Buddy can simplify all the complicated bits, and save you time so you can enjoy planning your big day, worry free. Check out our Legal Document Checklist to refer to again and again..  I have the right information for you if you are planning a wedding in the UK or if you want to marry abroad, including a list you can download and refer to containing all the documents you will need in order to get the legal paperwork done. 

I hope you find it useful, informative and time saving.

Photo taken from Ellie & Marlon's Bride Buddy Ceremony at Beldi Country Club Marrakech, Morocco.