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Destination Wedding - France!

Have you considered France? Full of amazing Chateaux and Manors, rustic barns and don't forget - great beaches, it is overflowing with great venues, food and of course wine!

Due to long residency requirements for a legal marriage in France, most destination couples go through the formal legal parts at their local register office. In the UK this is £50. You are then free of the current UK restrictions on venue and type of ceremony, and rules such as no alcohol during the ceremony and only being allowed to say certain words, while I create a completely bespoke ceremony, unique to you both and work with wedding planners to create your perfect day.

With the England & Wales still in a position where you are limited as to where the marriage can take place, more and more couples are looking to celebrant led ceremonies which are not tied to any rules or restrictions. We can include religious elements or not, traditional wedding vows or not, we can add quirky little symbolic rituals such as hand fasting, a sand ceremony, cocktail blending or honey ceremonies. Your guests are welcome to have a drink during the ceremony - unlike in the UK, in fact we can offer anything you want that has special and significant meaning to you both.

If you want more freedom over the kind of wedding ceremony you have in France, look at what Bride Buddy can offer you. We can help you arrange a basic register office marriage in the UK. Advising you on your appointment to 'give notice of marriage' and what documents you will need before you complete the formalities of your legal marriage at the Register Office. This will be followed by the celebrant led wedding ceremony that you want in France.

Check out the website for more info.


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