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Heatwave Wedding? Real life tips and advice for keeping cool.

Bride in a Heatwave

Let's talk sense.....there is nothing like a summer wedding, but what are the consequences if we're in the midst of a heatwave? Here at Bride Buddy, Cherry, our celebrant actually attends hundreds of weddings and knows exactly how to help. There are a lot of articles out there on the subject and a lot of good advice that will help you on the day, such as how to wear your hair and keep your make up on, keeping hydrated etc, but the day is also about your guests being comfortable too. Let's hear from someone who actually performs weddings on their top tips:

1) Be on time. Everyone has arrived, and your guests are outside enjoying the sun and the Pimms, but as time goes on, the guests get fidgety and restless in the heat. Hanging around in a heatwave is no one's idea of fun, especially older and younger guests. Make up starts running, shirts start staining and that's before anyone's even sat down for your ceremony!

2) Ah yes, sitting down. Avoid metal chairs. Not only can they burn your guests behinds, but it could be dangerous for a little one and burn their skin.

3) Trees are best! Any kind of shade is great and remember that the inside of many tents and marquees can get stuffy and have no air. Get outside for the ceremony at least, or even better is to see if your marquee supplier can provide air conditioning. Dappled tree shade and the opportunity of a slight breeze will make all the difference to everyone's comfort.

4) Supply some beautiful hand fans and parasols.

5) Facial Mist bottles in baskets with tissues is a must and there are the obvious tips such as baskets with spray deodorant and peppermint oil.

6) For you - dab some peppermint oil on your pulse points and back of your neck, and drop the perfume. Perfume will only attract wasps and mossies which will add to the stress and make you all flustered and hot.

7) Add some baby powder between your thighs if you have a heavy dress, it will help prevent your legs chafing in the heat.

There are of course a lot of sensible things you can do to make sure no one gets overheated at your wedding but here at Bride Buddy we know that our advice comes from the actual experience of sending our Celebrant to countless ceremonies. With a little forward planning, you can help to minimise the unwanted affects of the the weather at your celebrations, come rain or shine!

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