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5 Ways Weddings will Change in 2021

Well the situation with the coronavirus is starting to change slowly as countries begin easing their lockdowns but many are still keeping social distancing in place and holiday resorts are having to include this in their bars and restaurants and even on beaches. Some are ready to allow weddings to go ahead but with varying restrictions and small gatherings only. With all the uncertainty and ever changing rules most of my couples have already rescheduled their ceremonies for next year. My personal opinion has to agree with them. If I am honest, I wouldn't want to socially distance from my guests and if travelling abroad, who knows if there could be a second spike and and more sudden, unexpected lockdowns occur.

For those that have made their decision to wait, we have spotted this excellent article in RED magazine giving us all an idea of what weddings could look like in 2021. From smaller, more intimate ceremonies and gatherings, but spending the money saved on creating unforgettable experiences and superb food and entertainment for their guests, to saving money with a weekday wedding that also gives you more choices when it comes to possible venues.

RED predicts that sleek silhouettes and simple, elegantly styled wedding dresses will be the trend for next year as well as opting for more eco-friendly options for the day by using locally sourced businesses, less plastic and sustainable potted plants as table favors.

Bride Buddy found it a very interesting read and agreed that we actually love the idea of smaller, more eco-friendly ceremonies. More weddings in meadows, on mountains or beaches with tipees and excellent local produce to eat and drink along with your nearest and dearest. Spending more for less people, but making it a truly quality event. We think these ideas are really going to take off next year. What do you think?

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