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Ceremony & Planning Service in Kefalonia for Weddings and Renewal of Vows

What should you expect from your celebrant and your ceremony? Bride Buddy is based here in Kefalonia and as well as writing bespoke ceremonies for customers worldwide, we also conduct weddings and renewal of vows all over the island.

From our website you will see we have the experience, and professionalism of a former UK registrar who has performed hundreds of ceremonies in the UK and Kefalonia. Not only do we provide a celebrant service, but we can also arrange all the legal details and Town Hall marriage here in Greece. As a former registrar you know that we will give you excellent and accurate information on what documents you need and how to do the legal parts that are required in the UK too.

Kefalonia wedding venue

Not everyone chooses to use a wedding planner for their wedding abroad and even some that do prefer to use a professional celebrant for their ceremony. If you are planning on holding your celebration here in Kefalonia, get in touch with us and check out the useful advice and info on the website to make sure you you are getting correct and accurate advice. If you already have a venue for your evening celebration, we can give additional help with the venue for the ceremony, flowers, cars, photographers, cakes and so much more at extremely competitive prices. Our wedding ceremony includes giving you many options to personalise different parts of the script and include friends and family as witnesses, or with special readings. You also get a dressed ceremony table, a glass of fizz and a commemorative certificate all for 180 euros. We will work with you in advance on the ceremony and also arrange to see you before the wedding for a run-through with you both and to discuss any concerns you may have.

If you have a special anniversary coming up and are planning on celebrating with a holiday to our beautiful island, maybe you should consider renewing your wedding vows in the most memorable way with a Bride Buddy celebration? We have an all-in package price of 180 euros which includes the ceremony, a posy and buttonhole, a dressed ceremony table and a glass of fizz each. It could not be easier. No paperwork is required and short notice surprises are no problem. Check our Renewal of Vows page to find out more. Add as much or as little to the day - we can help with cakes, photographers etc should you need them. Make a date with Bride Buddy for your big day - get in touch on our website.

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