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Wedding Outdoors? Rain or shine - a few things you may need to consider.

You are all set for your fabulous summer wedding outside, and it rains........if you are having a civil ceremony in the UK, a note here about outside gazebos and pergolas. If you are outside – what will happen if there is a downpour? Will there be an alternative inside? Did you know that in law, once your marriage has started outside, it must finish outside, so what will happen to your guests if it rains? You may well end up outside in the rain while your wedding continues under UK law, while your guests have done a runner inside to keep dry! With a civil ceremony it is worth asking the venue if they have an alternative indoors that they can set up last minute if the weather is looking bad, before your ceremony begins!

Wedding in the rain

Of course, if you have already done the legal bits at the Register Office and you are having a wedding celebration outdoors, you can do whatever you like, so if the weather is looking a bit 'iffy', you can all move indoors and carry on exactly where you left off.

You do need to consider your guests and the time of year. As a registrar, I was asked to attend an outside wedding in the UK in November. I could not perform the ceremony in my thermals and thick parka coat, I had to stand on the gazebo in a little jacket! The bride's skin was purple from cold, as was the bridesmaids and the guests just sat and shivered! All the ladies heels sunk into the wet grass and ruined some beautiful shoes! Trust me, I'm a Registrar and I am telling you the truth! Obviously a beautiful summers day is ideal, but I have watched many stunning guests melt in the heat, and even my makeup just falls off my face when I am doing a beach wedding here in Greece, so try not to be too 'fashionably late'.

The best advice is not to let it spoil your day. I have seen brides throw REAL tantrums because of the weather but that will not change a thing! Go with the flow, there is no point getting stressed about something you have no control over so, before your wedding day, consider the weather and what could happen and make some alternative plans for you outdoor celebration just in case.

For loads more helpful tips and advice go to Bride Buddy Ceremonies.

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