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'Bride Charging.' Guests pay to attend wedding - right or wrong?

Spotted in the Daily Mirror, The Sun and Plymouth Times the story of a Bride in the U.S who has caused quite the controversy this week by advising her guests they will each be charged $50 to attend her wedding. In an attempt to recoup some of the money she has laid out on her big day she even suggested that those who pay in advance will not have to queue up with everyone else waiting in line to pay on the day!

"If you don't pay - you are not coming in!"

Her cousin, who is a student, wished the bride all the best, but refused to pay and decided not to attend. The bride thought this was cheap, outrageous and rude, so the poor cousin posted the story on Reddit asking fellow users if they thought she wrong not to pay. 2000 people responded immediately declaring the Bride was acting terribly in their opinion adding many comments including that if she needed to get back money spent on the wedding, she should have had a smaller wedding - or something she could afford. Others suggested the guests could pay but not buy a wedding present. Most thought it was just an extremely tacky thing to do.

I must admit it made me smile and I can imagine the possible problems an arrangement like this could cause among family and friends, or has this bride had the most brilliant idea, and before we know it - she could have sparked a whole new trend? #bridecharging Take a look at the article here - Let us know what you think. It will be great fun putting a few of your ideas and suggestions on the subject forward in a future Bride Buddy blog.

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