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An elopement wedding in Kefalonia....

Well in all my 25 years performing ceremonies for all sorts of couples, the wedding of Matteo & Antonella from Bologna, Italy was very intimate, personal and emotional for a truly heartwarming couple. Not wanting to get involved in "the big drama of an Italian family wedding" they came to Kefalonia to get married, wanting a legal marriage followed by a romantic ceremony. They were staying at a Greek friend's villa above the tourist resort of Skala, where there is a beautiful ruined church with a view to die for. After attending the legal marriage with them, performed by the Mayor that morning, we all awaited the sunset wedding ceremony with just 2 mutual Greek friends for witnesses, the perfect day and the perfect setting.

Bride Buddy arrived to set the scene and make sure everything was ready when at last the couple took a short stroll from their Villa and the wedding celebration began. As the ceremony was in English, I had suggested secretly to Matteo that he find a romantic Italian poem that he could read to Antonella during the ceremony. In actual fact, he wrote the words himself and asked me what I thought beforehand. I knew his words would melt Antonella's heart and everything was so perfect it became probably the most romantic heart felt ceremony I have ever had the privilege to conduct. Take a look.......

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