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Recent Survey shows just what your guests really care about at your Wedding.

Wedding Guests

With this being the year of Covid-19, and 'weddings - on, weddings -off' I spotted an interesting article published in Red (UK) Magazine asking for the 5 top things guests care about at a wedding. Maybe with smaller, more intimate micro weddings becoming the norm, it may help you to know that worrying about yours guests needs is really not something to get stressed about. Out on top at number one was 'knowing the guests.' Everyone loves a wedding and getting together with family and old friends. Not knowing a soul could make you feel a little awkward, but hey, here is a great opportunity to meet new people! You never know!

Bride and Groom in Greece

Number 2 was a hope for good weather. It goes without saying that a beautiful day can really help but there is something special about winter weddings isn't there, and what ever season you choose for your wedding you should check out our blog page for some really great advice on 'heatwave weddings' and another with tips on 'what to do if it rains'.

The things guests cared about the least is very revealing. If you are planning and making your arrangements you could be getting stressed out over things that are maybe not as important to your wedding party as you first thought. Favours and goody bags do not bother your guests at all and if you are worrying about accommodating all the children - don't. It seems guests are not too bothered about finding sitters if the kiddies can't come.

Here is a link to article if you would like to find out more and remember to check out all the great info and advice for your wedding or renewal of vows on our blog page here at Bride Buddy.

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