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Ripping up the rule book - more couples than ever are personalising their wedding

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

I spotted this fab article in the Independent newspaper and it is full of insights into the growing trend and popularity of more personal wedding ceremonies. I loved the photos which could easily inspire you if this is something you are thinking about for your big day. This photo is from the wedding celebration of a friend of my daughter. Opting for a simple marriage first at the Register Office with their witnesses, Becky and Kenny then had a stunning ceremony and celebration on a typical UK summer's day in a field. (the rain did not spoil a thing!) Friends and family all arrived early to help set the scene, and Becky's brother did a reading at the ceremony. You can see from the photo that a few haystacks were delivered - by local tractor of course! As a former Registrar myself, I have conducted hundreds of weddings outside and at Bride-Buddy Ceremonies we provide you with a tailor made custom written wedding ceremony so that you can have your celebration anywhere you want. (subject to permission of course)

Personal wedding in uk field

With 24 years experience as a Registrar, I could tell you a thousand stories about anything and everything that could happen at a wedding, but here is some personal advice from me to you, if you are planning on having a wedding outside:

If this is your 'legal' marriage, the law states that the wedding must take place in a venue approved for marriages. Your venue most probably have options for both inside and outside ceremonies, but the law also states that once that marriage has started outside, under the pergola or in the gazebo, the wedding must finish there too. So if there is a sudden downpour of rain and your guests head for the hills and go inside, you have to stay and finish getting married. Of course this doesn't matter if you have already had a low key marriage at the Register Office and this is an outside celebration of your wedding, because it isn't bound by the law.

Consider your guests and the time of year. As a registrar, I have been to an outside wedding in the UK in November, which I nearly refused to attend because I could not perform the ceremony in my thermals and thick parka coat, I had to stand on the gazebo in a little jacket. The bride's skin was purple from cold, as was the bridesmaids and the guests just sat and shivered! Trust me, I'm a Registrar and I am telling you the truth!

Obviously a beautiful summers day is ideal, but I have watched many stunning guests melt in the heat, and even my makeup just falls off my face, so try not to be too 'fashionably late'.

If this and the link to the article inspire you think about personalising your wedding - remember to get in touch with Bride Buddy to perform the ceremony for you. Bride Buddies are fun, confident, articulate. A friendly team of former registrars with years of knowledge and experience. Get in touch and take a look at our website here Bride Buddy.

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