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Getting married? Have you thought about the surname you want to take and what to call the kids?

I spotted this little video on the BBC about the dilemma of surnames when you get married. In law, you can actually call yourself and your children whatever you like so long as it is not offensive. As a former Registrar I have more than a few stories on that subject and I will have to save them for another day! But many couples are now actually having conversations about surnames to adopt when they get married and this article sums it all up really. It is good fun but informative and worth watching if you have been considering the surnames you want to adopt after marriage.

What surname do you adopt after marraige?

The following article from The Guardian also talks about grooms who change their surname to the brides surname. This really isn't that uncommon, one in ten in fact, and in my job, I came across this many times. Usually it would be because the bride was the last in her lineage and wanted to keep the name going, or the groom may have just disliked his own surname. The article is interesting and talks about the most famous groom who changed his surname to that of his wife........Prince Phillip, the Duke of Edinburgh

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