On The Day

What to expect from your ceremony.

morning of the wedding

Don’t worry…….a few nerves are to be expected......

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The Registrar or Celebrant will need to see you both just before the wedding to go over and explain a few things to you about the ceremony to help put you at your ease, and they are also required to go over the information that you gave when you gave notice of marriage to make sure the details are still correct and make any changes that may be needed.  For instance, you may have had a birthday since you gave notice and your age will have changed, or maybe you have moved house. This information has to be correct as these details are what will be written into the marriage register and copied onto your marriage certificate.

You can choose to be seen together by the  before the wedding or separately, if the bride wants to keep her dress a secret from the groom until her arrival at his side.

choose your own vows and promises
 before the wedding

Once the legal details have been checked, the Registrar will usually give the groom a few pointers on when to turn around and greet you as you make your entrance, how to hold your hand when he is placing the ring on your finger, and how to repeat the words after the Registrar.  If his best man is with him, the Registrar may also explain his roles during the ceremony.  All this helps calm the nerves.  Though it is rare for a groom to admit his nerves, being totally honest, as a Registrar, we have seen far more grooms cry during the ceremony than brides!

The Registrar will run through similar tips with the bride and find out who is taking her flowers, who the witnesses are and who is doing any readings that you may have.  Armed with this information the Registrar can make sure the ceremony flows effortlessly through, and before you know it, it will be all over and you will be married. 

For this reason, after all the effort, planning and stress this wedding has given you, try to breathe and enjoy getting married.  There is no more you can do now, so relax and take it all in.  Otherwise, the next day, you will both look at each other and say “What Happened??”

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Here at Bride Buddy, we would never patronise you. This site is designed to tell you the facts and inform you about how REAL WEDDINGS are.  We all know it’s ‘fashionable to be late’ but with 24 years Registrar experience, our Bride Buddy could tell you a thousand stories of venue planners and chefs getting extremely irate as things start to move off course and the food overcooks or has to be kept warm. Also, the Registrars may often have 3 or 4 different weddings to do on the same day as yours and that means travelling from your wedding to the next and the next.

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 Being late is not fair on the next bride.  If the weather is hot, we have also watched as guests sit and melt in the heat, waiting for the Bridal Party to arrive.  Of course, there are always unavoidable situations and we have attended many weddings where bridal cars have broken down on route, or a road has been closed.  We have even started late as the poor brides dress had torn and we were furiously looking for needle and cotton to do a temporary repair and dare we say it, but even the Registrar can be late due to traffic problems or late brides at the previous venue. 

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On the day though, even the some of the best plans can go a little wrong. Just go with the flow, see the funny side and above all don’t panic and enjoy yourself!