On The Day

What to expect from your ceremony.

morning of the wedding

Don’t worry…….a few nerves are to be expected......

bridesmaids getting ready

Together, we will have done lots of homework before we get to your wedding day. A completely bespoke ceremony - as unique as you are will have been drafted, created and printed. It will contain the personal vows and promises that we worked on together some months ago, and any readings will be ready and everything prepped and good to go. 

We will tell your story and you will speak words of love and commitment to each other as you begin this new phase in your journey together.

On the day, I will make sure that I see you both before the ceremony begins, to run through everything, ease your nerves, and run through any last minute changes or queries you may have. 

I can see you together or separately, though most couples opt for me to see them apart, in their rooms where they are getting ready. 

 before the wedding
choose your own vows and promises

I will usually give the groom a few pointers on when to turn around and greet you as you make your entrance, how to hold your hand when he is placing the ring on your finger, and how to repeat the words after me.  If his best man is with him, I'll also explain his roles during the ceremony.  All this helps calm the nerves.  Though it is rare for a groom to admit his nerves, being totally honest, as a Celebrant, I have seen far more grooms cry during the ceremony than brides!

Going to see the Bride, I will run through similar tips and find out who is taking her flowers, guiding any Bridesmaids on their roles and just checking to see if any details have changed.  Armed with this information I can make sure the ceremony flows effortlessly  and we have some fun and laughter along the way.  Before you know it, it will be all over and you will want to do it all again!

For this reason, after all the effort, planning and stress this wedding has given you, try to breathe and enjoy getting married.  There is no more you can do now, so relax and take it all in.  Otherwise, the next day, you will both look at each other and say “What Happened??”

actual marriage words

My role is not just about performing your ceremony. I am a kind of 'MC' and for this reason, I always arrive with plenty of time to check everything is good with the venue, such as the ceremony set-up and seating plan, ceremony music and bridal party entrance. I will get your guests together when the time comes for them to be seated and check in with the Best Man, Witnesses and any guests performing readings to reassure them and make sure they know where they are going and what they are doing, and to be guided by me, because for everyone taking part in the ceremony, including the Bride and Groom, it really doesn't matter if you remember anything we talk about or not, because I will guide you through it. There is truly nothing to worry about.

As I close the ceremony and you both make your grand exit as a married couple, I make sure your guests know where they are going and with smaller weddings, it's always fun to get involved and help take some group photos of everyone - all together. 

get married anywhere you want

On the day though, even the some of the best plans can go a little wrong. Just go with the flow, see the funny side and above all don’t panic and enjoy yourself!