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Groom Buddy

Help & Advice on the most important issues for the Groom

Here come the boys.....groom and groomsmen

Taken from a Bride Buddy Wedding

How can we be serious about a page for the Groom, advising him what he needs to do for the wedding?  Here at Bride-Buddy we take a humorous look at what the man in your life should really be thinking about........

performing my best friends wedding

No1. The Wedding Date:

Just make sure it doesn't clash with the F.A Cup Final!

No 2.  Pick your Best Man:

You know, that friend for life, that guy you share everything with - even pyjamas!

get a professional to make a ceremony script
personalise my vows

No 3. Choose your Groomsmen and Ushers:

Make sure they are your best mates.  You know the type.....trustworthy, reliable, serious, calm.....

No 4. Now pick Suits for you all:

Just make sure all those socks match.  It's all about the details!

script for renewing my vows
custom made wedding ceremony

No 5.  Don't forget the 'Stag Do'

As if you would forget!  A long weekend away in Monaco maybe?

No 6.  Wedding Day Transport:

While on the subject of cars.........

Mmmmm A Lamborghini Muira is stunning, but will your beloved and her fabulous dress fit inside?  No? Shame, you will just have to use it for you and the Best Man's arrival!

how to customise a ceremony
Bride and Groom unique vows and promises

No 7.  Don't forget your Speech:

And don't forget to include all those great compliments for the Bride, her 4 Sisters, the Mother in Law..........

No 8. An Unforgettable Gift for your Bride:

Oh No! Not that again! Cup Final Tickets!!

wedding ceremony information
legal info for getting married

No 9.  The Honeymoon:

Are you serious??  Apparently, this paint balling experience is available in Marbella!

is it legal to get married anywhere?
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