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Personal Funeral Ceremonies in Essex and Kent

Our 'non profit'

Funeral Celebrant Service

Saying what you want to say when it's time to say Goodbye......

The loss of a loved one is a painful experience.  One part of that experience is the funeral.  The ceremony often becomes the catalyst to begin the true process of grieving. This day gives you and your family the chance to say goodbye and by using a Funeral Celebrant, the control is in your hands.

Every member of our Team have Registrar experience and by registering deaths on a regular basis we understand how frustrating various systems can be for families and friends who have to deal with the death of a loved one. For us, we always say that registering a death is a privilege because we have met such wonderful people and families, so full of love. This helped us deal with our own lives as we grew as friends together and learned about life together.   

A religious ceremony may not suit everyone and it certainly is not compulsory these days. Our fully trained independent funeral celebrants will work with you to create a ceremony that is completely personal and unique.  Giving you the control and ability to say what you want to say when you say goodbye.

Here at Bride Buddy we offer you this service on a strictly 'not for profit' basis. The fee only covers the cost of our professional funeral celebrants work and time involved. We guarantee that none of the fee contributes to the profit of Bride Buddy.  

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You can contact us from here.  We promise to get back to you straight away or email us direct on


Our professional experience means that you can leave the ceremony safe in our hands knowing that we will deliver the final goodbye that you want for your loved one.

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