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An Alternative Ceremony gives you More Choice.... Find out what we can offer you!

Having the experience and knowledge, and from listening to hundreds of couples over the years, we know that many of you do not want to follow the status quo with your wedding ceremony but when booking a venue approved for marriages, you are then told to 'book the Registrar to come out and perform the ceremony'.  These ceremonies are bound in law by certain restrictions, and the words are pretty 'bog standard'. The ceremonies are pretty standard when it comes to Renewal of Vows too.

The Registration Service of England & Wales are bound by law over what can and cannot be said or done at ceremonies.  For example, no alcohol is allowed anywhere while the ceremony is taking place. There can be no religious aspects, even certain music. You MUST by law say certain words, and personalising the ceremony is extremely limited.  There can be no hand fasting, sand ceremonies, unity candles or the like, as well as there being restrictions on venue.  The ceremony can only take place at a venue approved and licensed by the Registration Service.

All that, for a wedding in Essex & Kent and their fee of anything between

£580 - £700! 

Do You Think That is Good Value for Money?

Stop! You do not have to book the registration service to perform your Wedding or Renewal of Vows!

There is a real, more affordable, BETTER alternative.

Bride Buddy offers you a true alternative to help you achieve the ceremony that you want, however you want and where ever you want. A truly bespoke personal service that is only limited by your imagination. Follow this link to see some real examples from real weddings performed by us.

How is a Celebrant led Ceremony Different?

  • "Have the ceremony designed around what                                

         we want to say and include?"

  • "Add any religious elements?"                                                  

  • "Have any music we want for the ceremony?"                            

  • "Have the ceremony anywhere at any time?"                              

  • "Have a champagne toast as we sign the                                    


  • "Have any symbolic parts such as hand fasting                           

         or unity candles?"

  • "Get good value for money even at a Registrar                            

         approved venue?"

Can We?                                        Registrar     Bride Buddy    

Bride Buddy in Shoreditch, London


Couples who have been in touch with us are happy to book a venue that is licensed by the register office but the registrars were fully booked on the day of their choice, others just wanted to have a more bespoke ceremony at the same venue.


Some marriages are inter-faith and with a celebrant ceremony any symbolic aspects can be included.

A celebrant ceremony has no restrictions over place or time, large or small gatherings, woodlands, beaches, gardens fields,or your favourite pub, club or restaurant.

Are you looking for a bespoke ceremony for your same sex or LGBT wedding? Just get in touch.

We have performed hand fasting ceremonies, sand and water ceremonies, ceremonies with religious or symbolic elements and even one that spoke about 'our place in the Universe. '

All the elements that are important to you both can be included and friends and family can take part and contribute too. 

A Renewal of Vows is something that celebrates the life you have lived together and with a Celebrant Ceremony, you can include all the elements that are significant to you both as a couple and as a family. It really should be your day - your way.

As a couple you are totally unique so why not your ceremony too? Talk to us about the many special ways you can share your day and make it one everyone will remember! 

How does the legal stuff work

with a Celebrant Wedding?

Ok, we know the UK decided to leave Europe, but some European ideas do have their advantages, especially when it comes to weddings. In Europe, couples attend the local Town Hall to have the marriage legalities taken care of first, then follow this with a personal celebratory wedding ceremony at the location of their choice  This way, anything is possible and the choices for your unique ceremony are entirely yours.

In fact, all the UK couples that marry abroad in countries such as Greece and France have to go through the same process and most visit the Town Hall a day or two before  their ceremony. Bride Buddy has a team in Kefalonia, Greece, and soon France that help UK couples do exactly this, on a regular basis.

Our English Country Wedding

By having a simple quiet legal marriage at a Register Office first, with just yourselves and two witnesses, there is nothing in law stopping you having a wedding celebration ceremony anywhere you want to in the UK. All our Bride Buddy couples have a celebratory ceremony with us and view the Register Office part as 'just fulfilling the legal formalities.' Following this 'formal' part of their marriage, you are then free to celebrate this with a wonderful celebratory ceremony anywhere and anyhow you like.  Free of the restrictions that a registrar wedding contains.


If you want more control over the kind of ceremony you have in Essex & Kent, Bride Buddy can help. We can help you arrange a basic register office marriage followed by the celebratory wedding ceremony that you want. Our team all have previous Registrar experience. We are professional but good fun too, and we will love working with you and getting to know you both. Making sure that your wedding or renewal of vows is exactly how you want it to be.  For more information on how to do the legal bits for your UK wedding, follow this link.

Thought about hiring a field?

How Much does a Celebrant cost?

Our Price Promise & What's Included.

Our ceremonies are priced at £480 all year round, any day of the week. There is no extra fee for a weekend or Bank Holiday, summer or winter, night or day. (although we hope you are not looking for a 2a.m. wedding as we Bride Buddies enjoy our beauty sleep!) If you add the £50 fee for the formal marriage at the Register Office, we still offer a more affordable alternative. 

This inclusive fee includes a dressed ceremony table, a glass of fizz for you both to toast, a commemorative certificate, signed by yourselves and your witnesses and of course a personal ceremony designed around your thoughts and wishes.

Included in the price is our help and guidance seeing you through the formal marriage bits at your local Register Office. We will create the bespoke ceremony that you want, consulting you about vows and promises and readings. On the day, our celebrant will arrive in good time. They will check with the venue on things such as ceremony music, seating, bride's entrance and so much more to ensure your ceremony runs smoothly. We can also provide our own blue tooth speaker for music in more rural venues.  Your celebrant will also make sure the bridal party know exactly what they are doing and where they are going. Checking in with the Best Man and Witnesses and any guests performing readings. We will organise the guests to their seats, and of course, before the ceremony starts, we will come and see you both, separately or together to ease your nerves and run through any last minute queries.

Get in touch using the contacts page in the menu, or our email details are at the bottom of this page.

You can read some of our testimonials on our 'Thank-You' page and take a peek at some of our work by following this link to 'Our Ceremonies' .

Simple elegance from one of our ceremonies in East London

Eclection Photography

Bride Buddy believes it is time for a change - a real alternative for the ceremony you want

Bride Buddy loves people in love.                   Irrespective of sex, race or gender


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