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Greece in the top 5 Beach Weddings Destinations

According to a recent report, more and more UK couples are opting to get married on the beach, according to research that shows that 73% of travel agents in the UK are seeing an increased demand for beach wedding locations, Lonely Planet reports.

Beach Wedding in Greece

With typical British weather being what it is, it is hardly surprising that the top five destinations for overseas weddings all offer fantastic sunny summer days, with Cyprus taking the number one spot, followed by the Caribbean Islands, Greece, Italy and Mexico.

While beach locations showed the biggest growth in popularity, 34% of the 115 travel agents surveyed also reported growth in demand for countryside locations, and 28% for city locations. There was also an increase in couples wishing to getting married near historical monuments, in mountain or jungle locations, or on cruise ships.

This survey taken by the Post Office International Payments’ World Next Door project, looks at the growing internationalisation of people’s lives. Here at Bride Buddy we cannot argue that people are becoming more international when sourcing for weddings. We write personalised ceremonies and our customers are worldwide, with enquires coming in everyday from India, the USA, Australia the UK and Indonesia, it seems couples are prepared to have a more global outlook toward wedding planning. We also conduct weddings and renewal of vows ceremonies mainly for UK couples here in Kefalonia, Greece, which only confirms the report's findings. If you are looking for an alternative destination for your wedding, or indeed - an alternative personalised ceremony professionally written for your wedding Bride Buddy can help. We also help with all the planning, arrangements and legal requirements.

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