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Passport Advice for taking the kids on honeymoon

As a former Registrar, this article from The Sun this week caught my eye and if you have kids and plan on going on.

If you and your partner have children together and you are not married, the Home Office are now requesting that you take the child's birth certificate along to the airport with you if you do not all have the same surnames. They say it is to safeguard against child trafficking - which is totally understandable, but you read the article and see what you think?

My personal opinion is that in the old days, a child was put in addition onto a parents passport, then there could be no doubt the child was yours, so if this was still the case, we wouldn't have this problem now. But I suppose if I wanted to take my niece on holiday, I would still have to prove that I wasn't child trafficking one way or another?

Taking the kids on honeymoon - new rules

Anyway, from Bride-Buddy's point of view, we aim to keep you up to date and informed with the latest requirements to marriage in the UK, but if you already have children and were planning on getting married abroad or just honeymooning with the kids abroad - bear these new rules in mind from now on.

Check the link below:

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