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Picked a date and Venue for your Wedding? Make sure you get it booked....

What legal stuff you need to get married in the UK

“Trust me – I’m a Registrar!” Having looked around the Internet I can see most of the other wedding planning information is giving you very little, or inaccurate information about the legalities for your wedding.

All the planning will be no use to you if you have set your heart on a date and venue, only to discover the Register Office is fully booked and there is no Registrar available on the day to come to your venue, or if you do not have the correct legally required documents to get your wedding booked! Bride Buddy can simplify all the complicated bits, and save you time so you can enjoy planning your big day, worry free. Click here to go to the Bride-Buddy website and look up 'Booking Venues' to find out more and check out our Legal Document Checklist to refer to again an again.

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