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Baby Naming Ceremonies 

in Essex and Kent

Bride Buddy Expert

Hello Baby!

There is something about a baby naming ceremony that helps to complete the circle of pregnancy and birth by providing a more formal announcement that your little bundle of fun has arrived!

A religious ceremony to officially welcome and name your baby may not suit everyone, and this is where a baby naming comes into its own.

Parents often choose responsible adults who will act as guardians throughout the child's life and during the ceremony there are opportunities for promises to be made by them and your baby's grandparents too.

Parents make lifelong commitments to the child and friends and families can get involved by performing readings or poems. The baby's name is not just the main focus of the day but the coming together of families and friends. Those who will surround the child through his or her life can confirm their role of love and protection at a baby naming ceremony.

A baby naming ceremony marks one of the first significant stepping stones of your child's life and is also a wonderful opportunity to introduce your baby to the world and everyone around them in a lovely relaxed atmosphere.

Our celebrants are well versed in performing these lovely welcoming ceremonies.  On the day we will arrive in good time, make sure everything is set up for a relaxed ceremony, guide your guests, perform the ceremony and ensure the event runs smoothly. You have the opportunity to customise the ceremony  by adding special readings or poems.  Your guests can get involved by performing these for you on the day.  We can help you to choose the wording of the promises that you make to your baby and the promises that Grandparents and your 'responsible adults' will make too. Religious and spiritual elements can be included if you so choose, and there is a place during the ceremony where a special gift can be presented.

Baby Naming Ceremony in Essex
Baby naming ceremony in kent
cute baby at civil baby naming in Essex

The joy of these ceremonies is that they can be held anywhere and at any time. Many families like to have the ceremony in their own home or garden, but you may prefer to hire a venue and have all the catering and organising taken care of. There is no reason why the ceremony cannot be in a field, a woodland, or country park, but we would ask you to make sure that you have permission from the owners or local authority first. 

Our ceremony fee is £480 any day of the week, all year round. Included in the price is the arrangement of the ceremony which includes working with you to make sure it includes all the elements and options for wording that you want. You will also receive a commemorative certificate that will announce the baby's arrival and name as well as including your signatures and the signatures of those who have made commitments and promises to your child as part of the ceremony.

baby having fun
Bride Buddy Baby Naming ceremony
celebration of a baby naming in Essex

These celebrations have no legal status and you must remember that the law states you must register your baby's arrival at the Register Office within six weeks of the birth.

baby celebration with Celebrant
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